Introducing A Maintenance Fee Recovery Program Exclusively For Vacation Owners

Stop Paying For Weeks You Don't Want!

Weeks must be deposited during one of the deposit windows:
| April 1st - May 15th | or | October 1st - November 15th |

No More Wasted Weeks

No Unit Restrictions

Ask yourself, how many times have you paid annual maintenance fees for a resort week you cannot use? If your answer is anything other than "never", you may not be getting the most out of your ownership. You now have a no-hassle way of depositing your unused, resort weeks for cash during the deposit window through the Maintenance Fee Recovery Program.

Simply pay your Maintenance Fee to your home resort as you normally would. If you cannot use the resort week for any reason, deposit it during the deposit window into the Maintenance Fee Recovery Program, and we will reimburse you that week's maintenance fee amount in cash.*

Depositing resort weeks for cash is easy!

Download a Deposit Release Form for your week.

During the deposit window of April 1st - May 15th OR October 1st - November 15th, send the signed, completed form to or fax it to 1.602.308.1932

Upon securing the deposited week's occupancy rights, we will mail you a check within four to six weeks.*

*A processing fee will be deducted from the eligible maintenance fee amount prior to reimbursement for qualified deposited weeks. Deposits will be accepted during eligible deposit windows only and must have an arrival date greater than 6 months from the date the Deposit Release Form is approved. View complete terms and conditions.

The Maintenance Fee Recovery Program is provided by Arrivia, Inc., d.b.a. Our Vacation Center (“OVC”). Offer is only valid on new contracts signed after April 23, 2018, may only be presented by Arrivia authorized affiliates during certain promotional periods and is subject to all applicable terms and conditions.